Minister Jeff Radebe: Update on the Centenary Celebrations of Mama Albertina Sisulu and Tata Nelson Mandela

30 November 2018

Minister Jeff Radebe: Update on the Centenary Celebrations of Mama Albertina Sisulu and Tata Nelson Mandela

30 Nov 2018

Update on the Centenary Celebrations of Mama Albertina Sisulu and Tata Nelson Mandela

Deputy Minister of Dirco, Hon L landers

Simon Moss: Co-founder of Global Citizen,
Mr Ndaba Mandela from the Mandela Family
Dr Precious Moloi Motsepe, Co-founder, Deputy Chairman and CEO of the Motsepe Foundation

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the media briefing by the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on the Centenaries of Mama Albertina Sisulu and Tata Nelson

The objective of the briefing is to give an update on the centenary celebrations of Mama Albertina Sisulu and the former President Dr Nelson Mandela as well as the state of readiness for the upcoming Global Citizen Festival scheduled for the 2nd December 2018 here at the FNB stadium, Johannesburg. 

I am joined on this panel by  the Deputy Minister of Dirco, Simon Moss: Co-founder of Global Citizen, Mr Ndaba Mandela from the Mandela family, Dr Precious Moloi Motsepe, Co-founder, Deputy Chairman and CEO of the Motsepe Foundation who have collaborated in ensuring that the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 concert is a success.

Other sponsors are Cisco, Vodacom, Nedbank, Nandos, HP,Johnson and Johson, Coca Cola, House of mandela, Uber , Big Concert, Goa Keepers, Eldridge and Harmony

This year South Africa and the International community celebrated the centenary of both our two struggle icons, Mama Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu under the theme: “A Woman of fortitude” as well as Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela under the theme: “Be the legacy”. The theme of this centenary means that each person should emulate the true values that this two stalwarts upheld.

Through the year 2018 the centenary celebrations programmes across the country and internationally highlighted the principles and values espoused by these great Africans and galvanised the spirit of national pride and Ubuntu which has significant impact in bringing diverse South Africans together as a nation.

The strong foundations laid by both Madiba and Ma Sisulu empowers the newer generation to press on to make society a better place to live in.

As a woman of fortitude MaSisulu fought for the emancipation of women, gender equality and contributed to giving birth to freedom and democracy in South Africa. In remembering  her sacrifices  which respects and celebrates the crucial role women plan in all walks of life, government dedicated the 2018 Women’s Month programme  to highlight the women’s struggle heritage in South Africa and paid tribute to those whose struggles laid the foundations for women’s rights and democracy today. 

On Sunday 21st October 2018 South Africa celebrated what would’ve been MaSisulu’s 100th Birthday.

One of the key milestones is the launching of the annual Women of Fortitude Campaign which is a movement of 100 women who will drive the conversation of how women today can continue the legacy of Ma’Sisulu. Women of Fortitude are expected to provide leadership in finding solutions for all the struggles women and society faces today and to contribute towards making South Africa a better place to live in. Follow the conversation on #WomenOffortitude

Ladies and Gentleman as you are aware the former President Nelson Mandela was a great leader who showed the world what is selflessness,   he strived to attain peace, showed us what is forgiveness, and ensured justice and equality for all.

The 100 year anniversary of his birth is an opportunity to recommit ourselves to his principles and build the nation we all envisioned at the birth of our democracy.

At his inauguration, he said: “We enter into a covenant that we shall build the society in which all South Africans, both black and white, will be able to walk tall, without any fear in their hearts, assured of their inalienable right to human dignity — a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.” Under his Presidency South Africa became an international beacon of freedom and democracy.

Nelson Mandela left an indelible mark on our society and the world at large and his legacy lives on in our commitment to ensure a just and fair society for all.

The centenary celebration aims to promote Madiba’s ethos of Ubuntu by advancing our collective unity, irrespective of race, creed and orientation.

As we celebrate this icon, we urge all South African citizens to “Be the Legacy”. The intention of the theme is to foreground characteristics and values for which former President Mandela was renowned for across the world: Madiba valued:  Integrity, Passion, Service, Transparency, Respect and Transformation.

One of the highlight in celebrating his legacy is Lecture by President Barack Obama

Today we would like to announce that we are left with two days leading to the Global Citizen Mandela 100 Festival which scheduled to take place on Sunday, 2 December 2018 at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.

The Global Citizen Festival is an annual music festival organized by the Global Poverty Project. This year, the festival will be hosted in South Africa in honor of the legacy and centenary of former President Nelson Mandela. The Inter-Ministerial Committee saw it befitting to accept the Global Citizen Movement partnership of hosting the festival as part of the national commemorative events to celebrate the centenary of Tata Nelson Mandela.

The festival will bring together thousands of Global Citizens, as well as activists, world leaders, popular musicians and influencers for moments of inspiration, education and advocacy in Johannesburg. All working collectively to advance and ensure the success of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in Mandela’s memory.

The festival highlight artists features  Beyoncé, JAY-Z, Cassper Nyovest, D’banj, Ed  Sheeran, Eddie Vedder, Femi Kuti, Pharrell Williams & Chris Martin, Sho Madjozi, Tiwa Savage, Usher, and Wizkid,  and more . These artists will be joined by world leaders and private sector leaders to make commitments on the issues surrounding extreme poverty.

The festival will be transmitted in over 180 countries across six continents via television and social media channels. I am joined on this panel by Simon Moss: Co-founder of Global Citizen, Ndaba Mandela from the Mandela Family and the Motsepe Foundation who have collaborated in ensuring that the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 concert is a success.

The 100 year anniversary is also an opportunity to recommit ourselves to living the legacy of Madiba. Throughout his life, Madiba inspired people, and his legacy continues to guide us on our path to move our country forward. He showed us that love can conquer hate and that we should help those who are less fortunate in our communities.

South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) commits us to the country we envisioned at the start of democracy where all South Africans are part of our development and we stand with the Global Citizen Movement by committing to reduce poverty in 2030.

Through working together to implement the NDP we can do more to overcome the triple challenge of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Government commends the partnership between business and civil society to promote active citizenry and social activism in the name of our icon, Tata Nelson Mandela by hosting the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100.

The hosting of the festival and in particular the events that have taken place for citizens to earn tickets are a clear demonstration the State cannot merely act on behalf of the people – it has to act with the people, working together with other institutions to provide opportunities for the advancement of all communities. As the IMC, we urge all South African to continue with selfless acts of giving and championing for specific causes aimed at fast-tracking the Sustainable Development Goals which are aligned with our NDP goals.


The National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NATJOINTS) it is the operational structure to ensure safety and security of the delegates during the Global Citizen Festival.

The activities and deployments outlined will ensure uncompromising security measures are implemented for the duration of the event. These include VIP safety, route, venue, city and accommodation security, a combined intelligence and investigative capacity, crowd management and port of entry deployments; traffic control, which can be deployed to deal with any eventualities.

The festival is an all-day festival and the gates open at 11 a.m. those attending should ensure that they arrive early.

A list of prohibited items has been published on the Global Citizen website. Those who do not adhere to the restrictions set will have their items confiscated and they will be handed over to SAPS and the items will not be returned.

The NATJOINTS has ensured that general safety, day-to-day policing is not compromised for all law-abiding South Africans for the duration of the event. Normal day today policing will continue as usual. The community in and around FNB stadium are advised to adhere to the road closures for the duration of the event. The JMPD and other law enforcement agencies will give regular updates on the roads to be used.

We appeal to all South Africans to be supportive of the security forces on and around the FNB stadium.


As the IMC on behalf of the South African government, we extend a special word of welcome the heads of state and government who are coming to support the Global Citizen Mandela 100 and also the artists who are here and still arriving. We are pleased and humbled that you have responded to the call by the Global Citizen Movement to honour the legacy of Tata Madiba by committing to ending extreme poverty by 2030.


The National Development Plan aims to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality in the South Africa by 2030. With more than 30% of the South African population aged between 15 and 34, it is patently evident that fully engaging young people in development is not a matter of political choice, but rather an imperative for national development. As critical stakeholders, young people are the center of re- construction and sustainable development of the nation.  If they do not see themselves as engaged citizens then South Africa will not realize the aims set out in the National Development Plan.

As a result, Global Citizen is a movement which aims to  support and propel the National Development Plan by  calling on all South Africans, young people in particular, to  take action on the issues closest to the causes of systemic  extreme poverty including gender equality, health, food,  nutrition, water and sanitation, and education. In this  way, Global Citizen seeks to align itself with the vision  and goals of the National Development Plan to unite all  South Africans, unleash the energies of citizens, grow an  inclusive economy, enhance the capabilities of the state  and leaders working together to solve complex problems  and help build South Africa’s future.


As the IMC, we once again thank the Global Citizen Movement, Motsepe Foundation and various partners who have ensured that the South African host the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100.

In the year that we celebrate the centenary of Nelson Mandela and Albertina Sisulu, our country has been filled with hope for a better tomorrow.  As part of a larger group, South Africans' high sense of kinship and belonging to their country is marked by a great majority showing pride and willingness to get involved to improve the country. It is encouraging to note that youth are more willing than older people to get involved in programmes to better South Africa.

The 100 year anniversary of the lives of these two remarkable people is an opportunity to recommit ourselves to their principles by building the nation we envisioned at the start of our democracy.

The brighter future we all want for ourselves and our children will not happen automatically; only by working together can we ensure that we build a prosperous and united society.

As we celebrate Tata Madiba ta the Global Citizen Festival 100, let’s remember that we have to stand together to ensure that we contribute towards ending extreme poverty by 2030.

The upcoming events for the remainder of MaSisulu and Nelson Mandela centenary celebration can be visited on GCIS website 

Follow the conversation on: #Mandel100 #BeTheLegacy, #MaSisulu100


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