Statement from The Nelson Mandela Foundation - In solidarity with essential service providers -

Wednesday 8 April 2020

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is aware of the turbulent times we find ourselves in as a nation and as an international community. It is at times like these that we often look to the wisdom of those that have come before to guide us on our way.

It is at times like these that it becomes clear how crucial essential service providers are to a healthy and functional democratic society. We would like to extend our unending gratitude to those who are working at this time to ensure the continued stability of our nation and the world

"Whether you change the linen or stitch up wounds, cook the food or dispense the medicines, it is in your hands to help build a public service worthy of all those who gave their lives for the dream of democracy" ~ Nelson Mandela speaking at the Naming of the Tambo Memorial Hospital, Boksburg, South Africa, 16 April 1998.