An Act of Defiance: Nelson Mandela and the Rivonia Treason Trial

Bram Fischer: ”I am trying to save your lives Nelson” Nelson Mandela : And I am trying to save yours Bram”.

The film will be on the Italian Cinema Circuit from 12/13  February 2018  in 25 cinemas.  Duration: 121 minutes. 

The film is a South African/Dutch co-production under the direction of  Jean van de Velde and featuring  Peter Paul Muller, Antoinette Louw, Sello Motloung, Sean Venter, Johan Ahlers.

Genre: Biographical film, produced in 2017.

Synopsis::  South Africa 1963. Under the harsh regime of apartheid imposed by the government in the Country, some members of the Movement headed by Nelson Mandela, already in custody, are arrested in Rivonia. The evidence against them is overwhelming and testifies to the armed side of the struggle led by the regime's adversaries. Mandela is still considered principal instigator and tried. In his defense and in defense of his companions is the well-known lawyer,  Bram Fischer who collaborates with them in a concealed manner.   

Distributors in Italy:  12TWELVE Entertainment